Industrial studio in Mecenate

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The venue offers 3 rooms that can accommodate 200 to 500 guests.

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Forlanini - Linate - Idroscalo

1500 mq

1000 people

External Area

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For corporate events

Phone: +39 02 97381544

For private parties

Phone: +39 02 97381557

Venue Description

This location is home to prestigious and evocative events in the corporate and private world, television and advertising, cinema, fashion, design. A flexible and multifunctional space, unique for its architectural beauty, for the materials used and for the details with a contemporary design. A space open to new and international scenarios that boasts a total area of ​​1500 square meters, including 3 rooms equipped with modern and functional systems, an outdoor courtyard of 150 square meters, a dedicated catering area, one for loading / unloading and 10 seats reserved cars. The spaciousness of the spaces guarantees the carrying out of every type of event, even in hybrid form, with the possibility of creating live streaming footage, through top quality video and lighting systems and thanks to the support of a highly qualified technical service. If you are looking for a location with an industrial charm, one of a kind, this space is the perfect setting to set your event.

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