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Industrial studio in Mecenate

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The venue offers 3 rooms that can accommodate 200 to 500 guests.

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Venues datails

Forlanini - Linate - Idroscalo

500 mq

500 people

External Area

Venue Contacts

For corporate events

Phone: +39 02 97381544

Mobile Phone: +39 347 918 6798

For private parties

Phone: +39 02 97381557

Mobile Phone: +39 393 975 9928

Venue Description

This venue is often used to host prestigious corporate events, particularly within the the fashion, publishing, art, marketing and movie industries. It is extremely versatile, despite having a distinct personality that derives from its unique architectural style and materials. Assets include: 1500sqm divided into 3 rooms, all equipped with cutting-edge event technology, a 150sqm garden, a catering corner, private parking space for up to 20 cars and a loading/unloading area.

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