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P.ta Genova - Tortona/Navigli

400 mq

150 people

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For corporate events

Phone: +39 02 97381544

For private parties

Phone: +39 02 97381557

Venue Description

An ultra-modern photograph studio, that balances elegance and efficiency and doubles as an event venue. Its vast and well-lit spaces will make the ideal setting for your photoshoots and video productions, but they can also host a variety of events. This versatile venue has a charming lounge room, that can be used to host corporate meetings, presentations, fashion shows and castings. When it comes to equipment, naturally, this studio is set a cut above most event venues, particularly with regard to professional lighting. Get ready for your close-up in the make-up corner and get your set ready, creating the right atmosphere with lighting and decor. The staff is highly professional and will support you in selecting the best options for your specific event. Wi-fi available.


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