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icon map Duomo - San Babila - Porta Venezia

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Phone: +39 02 97381544

For private parties
Phone: +39 02 98670161

Email: info@locationamilano.it

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This location combines historic importance, architectural beauty and unparalleled location. Art and business go hand in hand in this convention centre, featuring ceramic decorations by Giò Ponti and the remains of a Roman theatre of the Imperial age. A one-thousand-square-foot parterre can be used as a display area for exhibitions, shows and presentations, while the balcony, which is half the size of the parterre, is perfect for catering, aperitifs or gala dinners. All the halls have audiovisual facilities and everything that can be required to carry out a corporate event, both from the point of view of technical equipment as well as in terms of staff and safety.

This palace offers suggestive, highly functional spaces, unique for their historical-cultural context and the modernity of their design. The whole venue is organised to meet the needs of all customers, with state-of-the-art technology and services.

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icon map Duomo - San Babila - Porta Venezia
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