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In this moment of uncertainty, we at Location a Milano have chosen to conduct our activity with a proactive approach. All of our divisions are working non-stop to ensure the best level of service to all those who want to organise their events in Italy in the near future. When it comes to information regarding the COVID-19 emergency, we believe in an efficient communication, without alarmism and founded on current standards and norms applied on the italian territory. The preventive measures and subsequent media coverage vary from country to country.


It is clear to everyone how the way of communicating the emergency is different for each European or non-European country. The direct consequence of the selected communication method is related to the different alert level of each of these countries. We have chosen to rely on the information provided by the scientific community and hospital operators, Italian excellences to whom our thanks go for the enormous effort. Following their rules and recommendations, our divisions (event organization, administration, communication and marketing) are all in Smart Working mode.


We don’t want our industry to come to a halt: we believe it is more effective to speak of a temporary slowdown than an interruption of activities, postponing events and supporting our clients in the relaunch of their brands and products.


You can call or email us to receive updates about the new Covid-19 regulations that may affect the organization of your future events in Milan. We will answer all your questions, share all the information in our possession and help you plan how to get back on track with your event schedule as soon as possible. We want to convey a positive message of recovery in our sector, which we are so passionate about and which, thanks to the new synergies related to the event industry, make Milan one of the most innovative cities in Europe!


We are more than ready to restart with a strength that perhaps we did not have before, the desire to get passionately back to work despite the obstacles but with the same SMART grit as always! Together with our GURU MARKETING team we have designed many locations for virtual events where you can organize real and efficient experiences. Choosing to organize a virtual event, such as a virtual fair or a virtual product launch, will allow you to stay connected with customers and partners, optimizing travel costs, interacting with a potentially global audience.


Visit our virtual venues




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In the meantime, we are actively monitoring the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency, in compliance with the regulations of our local and national authorities, following public health advice and WHO guidelines. Our current policies reflect those of the national authorities where our events take place.


The ordinance issued on May 17th, 2020 suspends all congresses, conventions, meetings, gatherings, and social events, particularly those in which healthcare professional or personnel in charge of carrying out essential public services or utilities are involved, from a date to be set.


In addition, public marches, demonstrations, events and shows of any kind (expect for cinema and theatre performances that will starts from 15th of June), held in any place, public or private, which involve the presence of crowds incompatible with the need to maintain a minimum distance of one metre between individuals, are suspended.


Unless otherwise indicated by the institutions, events may take place as soon as the provisions are updated by the government


In the meanwhile, you can organize a virtual event


We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow our customers as the situation evolves.


You can also monitor the situation here:


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Italy


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public


Ordinance of May 17, 2020:  Read more (italian language)


Freephone number: Lombardy: +39 800 89 45 45



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