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From July 1st, it will be possible to hold congresses, events, and trade shows in Lombardy again. These and other areas of activity are the subject of the measures approved yesterday in a bill signed by the regional Governor Attilio Fontana to supplement the Prime Ministerial Decree of June 11th 2020. The provisions approved yesterday are indicated as valid until July 14th.

From July 10th, events will also resume in clubs and dance halls.


Is it possible to start organizing events and trade shows again? Yes, but with a few special safety measures and numerous restrictions, which apply to the event industry, the catering industry, the tourism industry, and all commercial, institutional, and private activities involving the aggregation of people.

The security measures already adopted for many other activities remain in force, such as the obligation to wear face masks outdoors and to keep a minimum of the one-meter distance between individuals. Location managers will also be required to ensure safe access and egress to and from the premises, make disinfectant gels available to visitors and take their temperature before allowing them to enter, among other things.


Our team at, with all its departments, has faced this moment of great crisis with a proactive attitude. We have put ourselves at our clients’ service to allow them to continue their activities as effectively as possible, integrating digital communication tools into our processes, to create virtual events and help our customers communicate effectively and in complete safety.

Communication is our job and we do it in the wider context of the Country we operate in, of the framework of rules that have been enforced to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and to avoid a second wave, and of the professional needs of each industry.


We choose to rely on official information from the scientific community and healthcare workers, to whom we are thankful for their enormous effort and excellent work in handling this pandemic.

We are delighted that our initial forecast has proved, at least until now, correct: it was a temporary slowdown for our industry. And, even though the crisis has hit and is still hitting the entire events industry harder than any other, we are pleased to be able to go back to live events, as stated in the aforementioned bill.


You can call or email us to receive updates about the new Covid-19 regulations that may affect the organization of your future events in Milan. We will answer all your questions, share all the information in our possession and help you plan how to get back on track with your event schedule as soon as possible. We want to convey a positive message of recovery in our sector, which we are so passionate about and which, thanks to the new synergies related to the event industry, make Milan one of the most innovative cities in Europe!


We are more than ready to restart with a strength that perhaps we did not have before, the desire to get passionately back to work despite the obstacles but with the same SMART grit as always! Together with our GURU MARKETING team we have designed many locations for virtual events where you can organize real and efficient experiences. Choosing to organize a virtual event, such as a virtual fair or a virtual product launch, will allow you to stay connected with customers and partners, optimizing travel costs, interacting with a potentially global audience.


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